Monday, January 26, 2009

Inspiring Punched Flowers

Hi all,
Firstly I want to update you on my whereabouts the last week or so. Last Wednesday I went to the antenatal clinic for an appt with the kidney specialist he took one look at the way I was hobbling in pain and decided to admit to the hospital for montoring and further investigation. Unfortunatly there search came up fruitless so I ended up being discharged on Friday evening with the same advice as my last hospital visit - possibly kidney stones rest, lots of fluids and pain relief!
Prior to my discharge I had a niggling headache but dismissed it. I went home it got worse and worse. At 9pm it hit me so bad I couldn't stand up and had extremly blurred vision. I treated it like a migraine but it didn't go away. My partner rushed me back to the hospital Saturday morning at 5:30am in fear it was a new symptom, baby was in distress or I had a reaction to a medication they gave me (At this stage I was vomitting and couldn't hold medication down). After being checked and treated at Emergency they advised me that it was just a very bad migraine and told me to rest. Baby is all fine and doing normal for it's age.
My life has been such a whirlwind and this pregnancy hasn't been enjoyable. I pray that this is the end of all my dillema's and I start to get better. One good thing is I felt baby move and kick for the first time this evening. It was just a magical moment. And just in case anyone asks I am currently 18 weeks. Thanks again for all your continued support I appreciate all your prayers and thoughts!
Ok enough of my ramblings, Lets get onto some craft! Today i finally felt up to some craft. I saw Makeesha's current weekly challenge and remembered an idea that would fit perfectly and that I've been meaning to try for a while but haven't found the time. Here's the inspiration...

The flowers and colours are so pretty I was so excited to give them a whirl. The idea I've had is taken from my paper quilling days and adapting a technique I learnt and using my scalloped circle punch to make some cool 3D flowers. I don't know if I am 100% satisfied with the outcome as it is very different to anything I usually do but I think it was a fun card to make and really took me out of my comfort zone and got the "creative mojo" happening as Keesh would say.

I tried my best to get a photo of how the flowers are sitting so you can see more of the work put into them and how 3d they are. I hope you can get the idea.

Stamp Set: Occasional Greetings
Ink: Blue Bayou
Cardstock: Very Vanilla, Soft Sky, Ruby Red, Sage Shadow, Blue Bayou, DSP
Accessories: Scallop Circle Punch, Pretties Kit (Rhinestones and cream half back pearls), Scallop Edge Punch, Mat Pack, Tombow Adhesive
I decided that this card can be for a wedding my partner is going to next weekend and he was happy with that as he really likes the card. He thought it was very innovative. If you like the flowers too and would like to make them yourself please let me know and I will post my first ever tutorial in how to make them.
Happy Australia Day and a big Happy Birthday to my dad who reckons Australia is generous to give him a day off on his brithday!
Thanks for looking,
Dani (+1)


fmfab said...

I really love the flowers. WOuld love to see a tutorial. Really gorgeous card

Robyn said...

Very cute flowers Dani! A tutorial would be great when you feel up to it. Not everyone has great,easy pregnancies- I didn't either- it was a real struggle for us but we ended up with 2 great kids and it is worth it all in the end. It makes you appreciate your children more when you finally get them when it hasn't been easy-Hang in there!

Kellie said...

Your card is gorgeous. I am so sorry to hear about the terrible things you have had to go through. The joys of pregnancy hey?! Hope all is well now xx.

Lin Mei said...

Fantastic flowers, Dani! Very innovative indeed :)

I really hope that things settle down for your health and that your pregnancy progresses more smoothly. *hug*

Marcia P said...

Dani, gorgeous card. Love how you have done the flowers.

I really hope you get a chance to enjoy being pregnant. And feeling bub move is such a blessing. Make the most of it while it is a gentle little movement, not the big boot in the ribs you get after 35 weeks! LOL!

Take care,

LeAnne said...

Dani, I would love to see how you do this, if you're up for the tutorial! Hope you're feeling better!

Makeesha Byl said...

OOOHHH I love those flowers Dani! That is so cute with them all 3-D, you clever chook! I think a tutorial would be great.....but only when you are feeling better. Sorry to hear you aren't enjoying pregnancy at the is hard, but exciting too! Take care of yourself! Love Keesh x