Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spotlight: Sooty Stamping

Hi all,

For any new comers for the month of August I am displaying artworks that use glossy cardstock as my "spotlight" product. Todays project is using a technique called coloured soot stamping or you could use a more basic version of the technique called soot stamping. This technique is quiet fiddly but I found it quiet fun to play with. Due to this I have lots of tips for if you want to do this technique yourself.
To make this technique you need a piece of glossy white cardstock (Fancy that) a brayer or sponges, ink (I used Choc Chip, Close to Cocoa and Pumpkin Pie), stamps (I used Petal Prints and warmest regards*), a candle, matches/lighter and acrylic sealer. TIP: If you do not have acrylic sealer you can use hairspray! It isn't as good but is an easy substitute to seal your work. I used it for sealing all my art works in year 12 art!!!
Here's a quick rap up of what I did to achieve the look. First start by sponging the colours onto the glossy cardstock in random places. (For a more even look use one colour and apply with a brayer) Once desired colour is achieved light your candle and wave the piece of cardstock over the candle trying not to concerntrate on one spot for to long to avoid burning the cardstock. TIP: Hold the cardstock with some tweasers to avoid burning your fingers. Once desired burnt look has been achieved stamp your cardstock with image. TIP: Be careful not to touch the cardstock otherwise you'll get nice fingerprints on the cardstock and black soot on your fingers. Once finished stamping seal the image with acrylic sealer or in my case HAIRSPRAY!! Once dry finish your card and VOILA!
This isn't a technique I would use very often but it gives a nice vintage/warn look or is nice for an autumn type card. I just liked it cos I got to play with fire! TFL!
Have a great week!

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Carol Dunstan said...

this is really interesting, don't think I have seen colour combined with soot like that. Very effective