Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spotlight on... White Glossy Cardstock

Ok so I'm a day later than promised! Sorry! If you didn't read 2 posts below... WELCOME to my first of many spotlights! This month I am spotlighting one of my favourite products, White Glossy cardstock (106555). You can purchase this fantastic baby for only $9.50 for 25 sheets, That's 38c a sheet! So what can you do with this cheap product??

Believe it or not the glossy card stock is used in a variety of fun and easy techniques which I will display over the next few weeks. It also adds a bit of shiny-ness to a project and is also the best cardstock to use with your brayer or when sponging as you need less ink and it spreads easier!

Here is a card I made using the 'Ghosting' technique, on my glossy cardstock, which I love and used in my second attempt card for my Kristina Werner colour challenge. I will show a tutorial how to use this technique with the added effect of the very cool sponging which I think makes this card so rocking!
I hope over the coming month you come to love glossy white cardstock as much as I do and start to incorporate it into your own projects. Remember it is only $9.50 a pack and anyone who orders it from me during this month will also get free printed tutorial instructions on how to use it in all the techniques shown on my blog during this month. How good is that?
Thanks for looking and have a great rest of your week!
Dani :)

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