Monday, June 30, 2008

Welcome to the major CASE squad...

The best craft designs are pursued by the detective of the Major CASE squad... This is her story (Insert Crappy Law and Order Sound Effect Here)

It all began 7 1/2 weeks ago whilst blog surfing to find some beautiful inspirations, designs and projects. Detective Dani stumbled across the pull treat design by the beautiful Carol. Thinking this idea was rather cool, Dani stewed over this idea while contiplating weather Carol needed to be interrogated for a few hours to get her measurements and design secrets or weather Dani will need to get a suppena to search her house and uncover her secrets.
A few weeks later on 4th June Detective Dani stumbled over another very talented lady Alana Galagher's blog to never the less find another stylish Pull Treat Design. Knowing Alana would give in under immense pressure and persuasion Detective Dani hounded her by black mail to expose her design secrets by posting the following comment on her blog:
"Hi Alana, I was just wondering where the best place is to locate the recipe for the pull treat? I really want to make them as Thank You gifts at my eScape event. Your colour combo look lovely. You can just send me an email back if you like. Thanks! Dani :)"
Giving into Dani's excellent blackmailing techniques Alana gave into Detective Dani's and handed over her complex technique - "I simply folded a A5 piece of cardstock around the treat." Dani stewed over these instructions could such a beautiful project be made so easily. Detective Dani tested the dimensions carefully and alas they were correct.
Now Dani didn't want to give up there and needed to make her treats extra special. Whilst vigorously searching high and low for a design idea Detective Dani landed the blog of the wonderful Kari Hughes whom had a gorgeous I like it a Latte inspired Pull Treat. Could this be the missing piece of the puzzle to make the ultimate design?
Dani sent the easy going Kari a post complimenting her on design and that Dani would love to re-create it despite not having the Latte stampin' sets. So overwhlemed by Dani's sneaky charm she got her PA (hubby) to send the set via express post from adelaide. This is where Dani's pursuit of the best design finally came to a fantastic end and the major CASE became completed by adding some of her own original flair (Very Vanilla cardstock due to lack of Kraft cardstock)
Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Detective Dani and her fantastic skills of Detective-ness the attendee's of Dani's eScape event now have a creamy hot chocolate to enjoy on a cold evening.
Ok before I end this post I must say that was the most fun I have ever had writting a post. Can you tell what one of my favourite TV shows is?? Thank you to Carol, Alana and Kari for sharing there designs and letting me CASE them and also for letting me write what I feel is a rather amusing blog which featured them. I hope you ladies are not offended by what I have written. Please let me know if you are.
Please stay tuned for another episode of Craft and Design. Can Detective Dani solve the next devilish case? You'll be on the edge of your seat.
Happy Stampin'


Alana Galagher said...

No where near offended Detective Dani. Love your pull treat, the rest of your post gave me a good giggle :-)

Kylie S said...

Brilliant Dani! Love your pull treats and what a great post! LOL

kari said...

oooh! I I can hear the theme music playing!!! Just expecting Bobby to come in and interrogate me with his head on the side with trusty Detective Dani by his side! LOL! Glad to have helped, Dani! And thankyou for the compliments! :) K

Robyn said...

Great post, love the cards, but you did have me giggling at your words. Well done.