Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kristina Werner's Colour Challenge #12

Today I took part in Kristina Werner's Colour Inspriation Challenge # 12. I have never tackled one of these properly before by submitted it in to her blog. I have seen alot of fellow bloggers whom have been taking up her challenges and whilst blog surfing I thought I would take a look at her blog and low and behold she had posted her new challenge and it needed to be submitted today so I thought, why not!

The challenge was based on the above colours - So Saffron, Sahara Sand, Wild Wasabi and Whisper White. Now these are colours out of my comfort zone but they gave me the opportunity to play with my new products that just arrived yesterday.
This card is quiet different to anything I usually do so it was quiet fun. I used the Bud Basics set along with the occasional greetings set. I set my very first eyelet which was fun in order to tie the ribbon around the end. I did however stuff up my paper peircing a little, you may notice it isn't straight. I was very annoyed as I didn't have any more sahara sand left so couldn't redo it. It does add character though! (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.) My advice for when paper peircing will be to try not and do it through multiple layers of cardstock. It makes it alot more difficult.
I don't think my design will make it on Kristina's blog but I'm still very happy with it and it kept me entertained on a Saturday afternoon.
I hope you like it also!
Happy Stampin'


Jayne Mercer said...

Love your card Dani.

Carol Dunstan said...

remember Dani, it's not a mistake it's a design feature! Great card too :)

Alana Galagher said...

Fantastic card Dani :)

kari said...

Love your card, Dani! :) K

Jeannie said...

That's a really nice card :)

Dani Fender said...

Thanks for your lovely comments guys and welcome to my blog to my new visitors. Thanks very much for visiting!

I like your reason also Carol. The paper peircing was simply part of my "design feature!" I will be using that excuse, i mean ummm, reason more often :)


Anonymous said...

This is a really great card!

Rebecca Munro said...

Beautiful card Dani :)