Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Feeling at loss...


Hi Guys,

I was on such a role last week with my posts and Stampin' Up stuff and I felt so good about everything. My mail outs were going out on time, I was putting specials on my blog. I felt so organised. Then 'tragedy' struck two Monday's ago and I have felt very lost.

Last Sunday (6th June) I did a demonstration. I was in alot of pain afterwards due to my hips still being out of action that Karl (My partner) asked me to leave everything in my boot until he got home from work so I didn't strain myself anymore. By the time he got home, we forgot about it. The next day whilst we were home, somebody broke into my car and stole my bag that I took to my demo. It had all my regularly used tools, stamp sets, accessories in it, Plus a huge tupperware container with 100+ cards in it, bigshot stuff and a scrap album I've been working on for Rileys 1st birthday (which was last weekend). They took other stuff but nothing much of value. We reported it to the police but nothing has shown up. I have worked out that I lost over $1000 worth of products. But it was more the sentimental things (scrap pages, cards, etc) that I am extremly annoyed about.

I have other stuff to post from before my bag was stolen and am hoping to start getting back to creating soon, I just feel really lost and like my stampin' mojo is gone. I also just don't feel I can create without my Stampin' Scrub and my bone scorer. It seems so petty, but for me its something that brings me absolute joy and I feel like someone has just taken that away from me without a thought about how there actions affected other people. On the positive side, Stampin' Up will love my next order!

Thanks for reading and be sure to come back soon to see my mojo come back.



Scrapnmafia said...

I'm sending you all the hugs and love I can muster (oh, and your butterfly punch...have to "send that home" too...).

If I had the money, I'd replace everything for you, and hunt down the scum bag that did this to you.


Christine T said...

I can’t even begin to imagine what this would be like Dani, that really sucks - lowlife scumbags. My heart goes out to you. Hope you get your mojo back soon, and at least Riley’s scrapbook. *Hugs*

Lin Mei said...

How awful, Dani! *hug* If you need to borrow a scrub or bone folder or need a couple of samples to build up your stash again, just holler.

sharna said...

i'm so sorry to hear about what happened, it really annoys me to think that someone else, can just take what is not theirs, especially when it means nothing to them and everything to you,
have you tried to place an add in your local paper asking for the gear back, with no hassles, as in the end it means nothing to the person who took it, they can't even cash this stuff in

Anthonette said...

Sorry to hear about the theft, Dani! That is terrible! Sorry to hear about all the irreplaceable items that were taken, especially Riley's scrap album.

Sending you a hug from California!

Zarna said...

What a horrible loss!
I hope you get your album back at least!

Can you post a flyer or ad like someone said asking for your album back no questions asked?