Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chalk and Cheese

A few weeks ago my best friend came over to my place asking if I would help her make some cards for friends of hers who are brother and sister. As my best friend is not the most crafty person I know although I really think she has the potential to be if she could get over her fear of guillotine's and paper cutters!

Anyway it was lovely that she wanted to take the initative to make some cards. So she came over and we started creating. Needless to say it turned more into her telling me what she wanted and me making it for her and explaining how to do the techniques used but we had a great night none the less.

We made 2 cards as stated above for siblings whose birthdays are close together. My best friend had a vision on what she wanted and the colours and look she was going for and therefore the cards were very simple looking (although they did take a bit of work) whereas I would have added a little extra. But it was amazing how different the cards looked next to each other. I really enjoyed making such contrasting cards for a specific look and taste. It was like I had an actual client to work for.

The pink card was made for a girl (obviously) who loves pink, purples and butterflies and she ADORED the card. The other card was made for a boy who is in the process of enrolling to the army and so the colours were sponged onto glossy cardstock to give an army uniform camoflague affect. He also really liked the card.
Happy Stampin'


Lin Mei said...

Hello Dani, tags you're it!

michelle le breton said...

Hi Dani,
Thanks for your comment on my blog so I could discover yours. Love your work.

Sue M said...

Wow - I just love the sponging on these two cards. They look great. Did you do the butterflies with masking or emboss resist or something else?? Its got me intrigued.

Dani Fender said...

Thanks Michelle for your comment. I found you via Kari's blog so thanks should go to her!!

Thanks Sue for your comment. Yes I used the embossing resist technique with the Priceless set and a hell of alot of sponging and blending. It turned out really well. I'm glad you liked it.