Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blog awards

I promised I would be back to post about the blog awards I have been given from my fellow blogging friends. Today is also my birthday so I thought it is a better day than any to make my self feel better by showing off some awards I have recieved...

The first I recieved was from the very lovely Kari about a month ago (Yeah I know I have been slack) for well as the award says... Having a brilliant blog! Thanks a bunch for this award Kari it means alot that people even read my ramblings let alone think my blog is brilliant! Now I am supposed to pass this on. The hard thing about this is I have been so utterly slack that everyone whom I feel has a rocking blog has already been tagged already and just about everyones blog I visit is brilliant. I am going to however pass this on to the very lovely Rebecca Munro. Although she doesn't get to post all that often (Which I can relate to) she does have some pretty clever ideas and some pretty projects and I just loved getting to know her more on the weekend away.

The second I have recieved from my singing buddy, Chai Tea drinking and sci fi geek extrodinare (If that's spelt right) Carol Dunstan for doing what I do best and leaving lovely comments. Now if that wasn't a good intro I don't know what is! Now with this award were a few rules...

1. Only 5 people allowed.
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog
3. one has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. you must link back to whoever gave you the award.

1. Well I'm going to be a copy cat and pain in the but and send this back to Carol. She always one of the first to comment on my work and give me encouragement. I really enjoy visiting her blog she has stunning work so I feel honoured that she comments on my work! Thanks Love!

2. I know she has already been tagged but I am sending this onto the lovely Kari Hughes. Not only does she comment on my work but she always sends me follow up emails just because she is so lovely and it always brightens my day if not give me a well earnt break (or 2) from work! :) Thanks Kari!

3. Kylie Swain. Again she also has such gorgeous and different work which inspires me and I feel flattered she leaves me comments. Thanks Kylie!

4. Lin Mei Yap. With her cute little voice and comedic blog who could resist but give this talented lady an award?? Thanks for all your encouraging comments Lin Mei!

5. Does the other side of Sydney count as "live in another part of the world"?? TOO BAD I say! The last person I'm sending this onto is Michelle Dyson. I had the plessure of meeting the beautiful Michelle on the team weekend away and she really encouraged me and helped where needed so Thanks Michelle. I look forward to meeting you again!

Ok that was really hard so to anyone who does read this that I did miss out I'm sorry! I love your work too! I promise!

Now to those people that will no doubt leave me Happy Birthday messages. Thanks in advance. I had a lovely day despite working. I got to have yummy dinner with my family at my favourite Chinese restaurant. They haven't changed the decor in about 50 years and the prices haven't changed either so it was a lovely night. I also got thrown a surprise birthday party from my boyfriend on Saturday! It was a lovely evening despite me working out the surprise a few days before... OOOPS! I will post some pics later on! I got given an ink caddy and a draw set to organise my very messy craft desk from my parents. I'll post pics later on also to show you some great ways of organising your stuff.

Anyway I will stop rambling as I was "Only going to do a short post." And say Goodnight! Sleep well and sweet dreams!



Kylie S said...

Oooh, thanks Dani! Mwah!

Tegan said...

Congrats on the award Dani! And a very happy birthday to you!!
I also live in Western Sydney-over near Blacktown to be precise. I'd love to do a swap with you sometime. I'll add you to my GoogleReader and can't wait to see what else you come up with~amazing creations btw :)