Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blue and Green SHOULD be seen

How would you feel if you got a pressie that looked like this for your birthday? My boyfriend, Karl thought this was impressive when I handed it over to him on Tuesday last week for his 26th birthday! Little did he know I had been BUSY!!

Here is a photo of all the wonderful things he got throughout the course of his birthday...

I had all his presents colour co ordinated in old olive, whisper white and tempting turquoise to match in with the beautiful petals DSP that Karl has always said he likes. Above is a picture of his wrapped present (X files DVD's), an altered notebook (Thanks Margaret), A giftboxed CD (John Mayer), and a beautiful brag book which I made on the team weekend away.

Below is a picture of the CD giftbox that I made using the beautiful Makeehsa Byl's Make it Monday #6 tutorial which can be found here. I saw this and just had to make one. It is so so so easy and so so so cute. I was so impressed with how it turned out.

Here it is opened. It fastens with velcro which I thought made it look even more sassy and schmick! As you can see the CD fits perfectly! I will be making more of these for Chrissy Presents! JB Hifi will love me!

Next here is the cute brag book I made. My SU! Great great grandmother (upline x4) Jayne showed us how to make these on the team weekend away. I'm telling you now they are so super simple and easy. I had so much fun putting it together.

Here is pictures of the pages! They are about 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" in size. How cute is that boyfriend of mine? He's such a spunk if I do say so myself! I've done good!


Here's a photo of the book opened! As you can see each page has slots to put whatever you like in them.

I added some journalling in some slots as shown.

And I also added this gorgeous Michelle Zindorf style birthday card into one of the slots. Karl LOVES landscape and nature and I must say he ADORED this card. He thought it was the best of everything I gave him. I'm pretty happy with it for my first effort! I must get me a brayer.

I also added the altered notebook in one of the slots which is again shown in the photo below with some of the goodies... Aren't they so pretty??

I always say I am going to do something like this and I feel so proud that I was able to pull it off.


Cheers Big Ears,


P.S. Be back tomorrow for next months spotlight project!


Makeesha Byl said...

Hey Danielle, Well I have to say what a wonderful gift you put together for your special man! It is just so nice to see a man love home made gifts. You did a fab job on the CD cover, but I totally LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that photo book you made with all the gorgeous photos!! Yes he is pretty spunky if I say so myself :) You should be proud of you efforts, it really was worth it!
Take care,
Love Keesh x

Beth said...

Hey Dani, these look fantastic - I love all the colour coordination. In a curious coincidence, I gave my hubby the complete X-Files on DVD for his last birthday!

Carol Dunstan said...

Love how this has all come together Dani, it looks fantastic and I agree with Keesh, great to have a bloke appreciate it all (and even have a fave paper to start with!)

Sharon said...

I hope your man just loved all this Dani. I think it is fantastic!

Michelle said...

Goodness gracious Dani! I think K is the lucky one with such a gorgeous pile of colour-co-ordinated gifts! Love how the mini album turned out with the pics all finished, and the card is the perfect final touch. By the way, can I have your clock please? Cos it must have more hours in it than mine ROFL!

Margaret L Crawford said...

Well done all the gifts, and I am pleased that you included the covered notebook. Happy birthday to your man. Margaret

kylie s said...

You can see you have put a lot of love and effort into your gifts. Nice one!

Kari said...

Wow, Dani! Such a lovely lot of gifts for him and you both look so happy in all the photos in the brag book! Great work!