Monday, August 4, 2008

Team Weekend away Rap up

Hi everyone,

As noted in my last post I went away for a weekend away with the demonstrator team that I'm apart of, The Inklings, run by the very talented Stampin' Up guru, Jayne Mercer. Jayne organised so much for us and made us a variety of cute treats including cupcakes embellished with Brads and punched flowers. If you want to see some of the great stuff she organised check out her blog here. She really is a talent and did some great stuff for us. So from me, Thanks heaps Jayne.

Ok onto the weekend itself. We arrived Friday night and I got stuck into our cards in boxes. Card in boxes are something that most people on the weekend participated where you made up a card prior to the weekend commencing and made enough for everyone participating (in this case 18) and then you had 17 cards to make up over the course of the weekend. It was fun becuase you got some new ideas, new techniques and got to play with some new products you may not have used before. I got 10 done on the Friday night which is a fairly good whack considering how tired I was. I finally retired to bed at 12:30am! Below is a picture of my card in a box which uses last months spotlight product and my fav technique, Ghosting or versamark resist!

and a close up...

Saturday I got started on the rest of my card in boxes and finished them up. I then started on an album shown to us by Jayne on the Friday night. which kept me entertained. I will show that at a later time due to it being a gift. We also got to do some archery where again our talented leader was dubbed the archery champion of the world. I then played with some more products and attempted some challenges and stayed up to the very late 1:30am.

We then finished off our projects on Sunday including challenges and before heading home. Here is a photo of the Challenge wall that was completed during the weekend. I think it's quiet impressive. There were also prizes given. I will come back and reveal those later on...

Ok the grand rap up... What did I honestly think of the weekend? Well I have devised a list of positives and negatives to share with you all.


* A weekend full of scrapping, creating, card making and SU! products

* Meeting demonstrators whose blogs I admire

* Getting away from reality and have some well earned ME time

* Going to such a lovely spot

* Not having to cook, clean or leave my desk every 5 minutes. Not even to grab someones product I was borrowing (he he Alana)

* Singing to stupid songs in conversation with Carol and having others join in. Come on everyone... "C is for Cookie, That's good enough for me..." *Tumbleweed blows over* Ok I guess not!

* Eating lots of peanut m&m's and not even caring

* Being able to converse with others about something I love and have them actually interested.

* Lots of cupcakes, chocolate, cookies, and naughty stuff delivered straight to our craft room. I really need to train my boyfriend better!

* Racing Alana on the pirate ship slippery dip and watching it come to a crashing hault... hehe!

* Winning something over the weekend... I NEVER win anything!

Ok so that all sounds good what could be negative??


* The extra hours I invented prior to the weekend in between 10pm and 11pm not kicking in so I had extra stamping time when I got my second wind

* The need to sleep. Who really needs sleep? It's only I vital function of living... Damn you sleep!

* Stealing from Ryn - Not having a massage therapist on hand for that much needed rub me down from all that strenuous (ok i can't spell) stamping. And while the request is in for a massage therapist can he be male and topless ready to feed me strawberries?? hehehe

* Lasange being served at lunch. I hate lasange with a passion.

Ok with all that said... I think my weekend was FANTASTIC and wish I could go away on one again next weekend and since thats not going to happen I'll just have to settle for next year. You can come along too next year if you sign up as demonstrator within the next year. So start saving now and join us all next time.

Thanks for reading. I'll be back tomorrow with the new spotlight for the month!

Happy Stampin'


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Carol Dunstan said...

mwahahahaha, there were no tumbleweeds here, instead I was sitting here giggling like a fool as I read your post! I'm already devising a playlist (or is that singlist?) for next year of equally "get-stuck-in-your-head" songs